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Video editing can be both fun and exciting, but if you don’t have the right software on your side to do it, it can also be frustrating.  The Nero 2017 Video software allows you to add functionality to your videos with the use of 4K support and even stabilization of videos.

When you learn how to use this powerful application, it’s a useful tool for editing. Until recent years, the term advanced video editing was only something that professionals could take advantage of. Lucky for you today, this has changed with the introduction of new software products that allow you to edit your own at home movies easily.

These new software products like the one at nero.com allow you to use simple and even more advanced features easily. Whether you are a professional or even an amateur there are many features you will love with the Nero 2017 Video program.

Different Editing Modules

The new video application allows you to access two different editing modules. These include the Advanced Editing and the Express Editing features. The difference between the two is the same essentially except there is a timeline editing feature on one and storyboard editing on the other. The storyboard and timeline future is really the biggest defining change between the two different modules.

This is typically fare for many different editing software programs; the main difference with the Nero 2017 Video program is that you cannot go back and forth between the two different modules. When you make any edits while in advanced editing mode you cannot go back to the express side of things.

New Editing Tools

The new Nero 2017 Video has a long list of many tools available to you to construct a good, compelling video. The interface for the workflow and structure are sometimes a bit confusing if you are not paying attention, especially for those who have previous experience with other types of video editing software. But once you get some practice in using these specific tools you will not have any issues at all. The tools in Nero 2017 Video include text effects, disc menu templates and more.


The new Nero 2017 Video software is a great choice for a video editing program. It helps to provide you with the tools you need to create amazing videos and then share them with your audience. If you are looking for something to start with as a beginner in the game this works wonderfully. In addition, as a professional, you can access various advanced tools to give you that professional look and appeal. No matter your experience level when it comes to editing videos, this software program is for you.

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