Nuance Dragon for Mac 6.0 Review


Dragon for Mac 6.0 has just been released by Nuance and promises earth-shattering accuracy in both dictation and transcription. Compared to v4’s speech recognition technology, v6’s support for more accents is utterly enhanced. Internal microphones accuracy has equally seen some improvements; you can now speak commands and dictate documents into your Mac without necessarily needing to use headsets. Talk of convenience and effectiveness.Dragon--for-Mac,-v5

Nuance has ensured that you benefit from seamless productivity, too, wherever your job takes you by allowing you to sync with separate Dragon Anywhere mobile app. Dragon for Mac 6.0 offers improved recognition of a handful of English accents. Other notable improvements on v6 include robust voice control in Word 2016 (typing and talking is easier), saving of transcribed files in MS Word documents, intuitive user experience, and the inclusion of Menu Walking feature.

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Updates and Features

Dragon for Mac 6.0 interacts with your computer in a more enhanced, accurate way compared to v4 thanks to a plethora of system improvements. Dragon v5 is suitably designed to capture ideas faster as you dictate them, recognize speech right of the box, spells difficult words and proper names correctly, responds faster with minimal latency, boasts Smart Format Rules and superior performance and reliability, provides a personalized voice-driven experience, etc.

Nuance honchos have ensured that Dragon v5 eliminates any barriers to your creativeness and productiveness by allowing it to dictate documents (and texts) in place of where you usually type words. It almost “verbalizes your thoughts” in a way, makes the dreadful writer’s block a thing of the past, enhances your creativity on how you express yourself, helps you steer clear of spelling errors, captures ideas faster than you type, and allows you to multitask quite quickly.

Why physically format and editing documents when you can use your voice to do that? Dragon for Mac 6.0 comes with Smart Format Rules feature that automatically adapts to how you want your say, numbers and abbreviations to appear when dictating. All you need is speak, and the software will enter words correctly as you pronounce them.

Creating custom voice commands and importing/exporting custom vocabularies and word lists features have been improved on the Dragon v5 software. It’s now relatively easier to capture unique words just the way you want like, as well as inserting standard replies, signature blocks or other boilerplates by speaking simple commands. It’s easy to get started on Dragon for Mac 6.0 without prior training. Set-up time is easy and fast, and it’s also easy to master.

Pros and Cons of Dragon V6

Being a relatively new product, the advantages and disadvantages of this software were yet to be brought forth by users (at least at the time of writing). But that notwithstanding, the software has revolutionized how speech recognition software should creatively and “promptly” work to make typing easier and transcribing documents much more enjoyable.


Nuance Dragon for Mac 6.0 receives a high recommendation from an array of quarters. It is no surprise as it scores better on its dictations accuracy score. With superior features and much more enhanced commands, Dragon v6 adapts well to your voice, making it incredible to have.



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