Anime Studio Pro 11 Review – Professional Animation Software

1For professional animators who are looking for an efficient substitute to traditional animation, the Anime Studio Pro 11 is exactly what you need. This animation software is geared to providing smart solutions to tasks done in traditional animation at an affordable price point. With its library of visual content, intuitive interface, and features such as frame-by-frame animation, conversion from bitmap to vector, 3D modeling, integration of lip-synching, and motion tracking just to name a few, you know that your animation tasks have gotten a whole lot easier with the Anime Studio Pro 11.

About Smith Micro Software

Sun Smith is dedicated to providing companies smart software solutions to simplify and as well as improve their mobile experience. With products like Anime Studio Pro 11, the company is providing professionals a more efficient means to develop concepts that can be used by the public. For the past three decades, Smith Micro Software has been churning up software solutions to enhance mobile user experience, online connectivity, as well as graphic designs and development needs.

Features of Anime Studio Pro 11

  • Layer Referencing. This allows the user to duplicate layers while still connected to the original layer. Collaborators will be able to work on various layers at the same time while making the changes depending on what stage they are in the pipeline.
  • Animated Bone Targets. With Anime Studio Pro 11 user can switch from bone target to the next. Animating bone targets that involves hand off becomes smoother and easier to do.
  • Enhancements on Tools and Brushes. Certain draw tools have been enhanced to give the user better control over their work. The new Freehand tool minimizes the point count when drawing simple shapes, smooth shapes, and when merging strokes while the enhanced Color Points Tool can help you blend strokes better.
  • Timeline Enhancements. You can hide or show channels on the timeline that you are working on depending on your needs. This helps in organizing your timeline so you can focus better.

Price of Anime Studio Pro 11 

Smith-Micro-Software-logoAnime Studio Pro 11Price:$299.99 Buy Now


Smith-Micro-Software-logoAnime Studio Debut 11Price:$49.99 Buy Now

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The Pros and Cons

So far, the new animation software by Smith Micro Software has enhanced several key elements such as the Freehand tool, Color Points tool, better Photoshop integration, timeline enhancements and such. Professionals and beginner animators will find Anime Studio Pro 11 worth trying out because it offers more flexibility with its interface, libraries, and connection to other graphics software.

The only downside to this program is that it may cost more than what others are offering and may not suit everyone especially those who are on a budget.

On the whole this animation software may just be what animators are looking for who want to make their animation tasks done better and in a more efficient manner.