Beyond Hosting Review: Best Choice for High-Performance Server

 an era wherein businesses are greatly influenced by technology, it is important to be not left out and to take advantage of the different innovations that are asserted to have positive impacts on operations in ways more than one. In this case, web hosting can prove to be essential. Nonetheless, with the multiplicity of the companies that specializes in the provision of hosting services, which one should you choose? Making the right decision can be a hard feat, but such should never be done in haste. This is an investment, and you should look only for the best. With such being said, keep on reading this Beyond Hosting review and you will know why it can be one of the best options you can take into consideration.

The following are some of the service Plans they provide their clients:

  • Managed Virtual Private Server Solutions
  • Managed Dedicated Cloud Servers
  • Automated Backup Services
  • Content Delivery Network

It is also important to emphasize that Beyond Hosting offers flexible plans for all your hosting and server needs. You do not need to be stuck in a single option. Carefully consider the budget you are willing to spend and your needs. In order to enjoy significant discounts on their different membership plans, make use of coupons from ProCosts. The following are some of their available plans and discounts you can enjoy:

  • Monthly Billing: Enjoy 50% discount in one billing statement     Show Coupon
  • Quarterly Billing: Enjoy 25% discount in one billing statement   Show Coupon
  • Semi-Annual Billing: Enjoy 35% discount in one billing statement  Show Coupon
  • Annual Billing: Enjoy 45% discount in one billing statement Show Coupon

Features and Performance

In this Beyond Hosting review, to provide you with sufficient reasons to determine whether it is going to be the right choice or not, some of its features are identified, including the following:

  • Optimized for Affiliates: Beyond Hosting offers the possibility of earning money through affiliate marketing.
  • SSD Raid Storage Assistance: It should be also pointed out in this VPS hosting review that Beyond Hosting offers solid state drives that will help improve performance significantly in the absence of having to incur additional costs.
  • Daily Snapshot Backups: There is no more need to be worried about making mistakes. At no additional cost, Beyond Hosting gathers daily snapshots and provides a reliable backup for all your data.
  • cPanel Included: This dedicated servers review would also like to reiterate that the company already includes cPanel, which is an industry standard for making the server easy to manage.
  • Top-Notch Networks: Beyond Hosting also takes pride in the presence of network servers that are geographically displaced, making them close to your target audience.

Reasons to Choose Beyond Hosting

In this Beyond Hosting review, to convince you that the company is indeed an option that you will not regret, we will give you some reasons on why it is going to be worth every dollar spent. First, it is backed with a team of professionals who have technical expertise in handling web hosting and servers, among others. They have people you can trust. To add, it should be also noted in this VPS hosting review that they have customer support specialists who are available 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. This means that if you experience any problem, even if it is already late at night, you can get in touch with one of their people and the solution to your problem will be available within just a few minutes.

Aside from having the best people in the industry, this dedicated servers review also highlights the company’s use of state-of-the-art technology, allowing them to handle the changing demands of the market. They have invested heavily in new technologies that will enable them to deliver better services, and hence, a higher level of customer satisfaction.

When it comes to flexibility, this Beyond Hosting review suggests that you should not look any further. The company knows that their clients have changing demands, and they adapt to such. They also offer solutions that are tailor-fitted for your specific needs.

Problems about Beyond Hosting

If there is one major drawback about Beyond Hosting, as noted by its users in the past, it would be the price. It is quite expensive than other providers. Nonetheless, it should be pointed out in this dedicated servers review that price should not be the lone basis of the decision that you are going to make. While it is tempting to choose the company offering the cheapest rate, such may not be a wise decision. This Beyond Hosting review reiterates that even if its price is slightly higher than some of its competitors, you can be assured that this is tantamount to unrivalled service. Besides, there are always discount coupons you can use to enjoy their services at an affordable price.


Given their 24/7 support, having a team of professionals, use of state-of-the-art technology, and offering flexible packages and services that address individual client needs, without a doubt, this VPS hosting review recommends Beyond Hosting as an excellent choice. Every dollar you spend will surely yield significant benefits that can deliver unmatched success.