Cyberlink Director Family Series New Version Release News


Cyberlink software is the best application to use for all your video requirements. The software is has an essential package for video editing. Ultimately, Cyberlink’s Director Family Series are the popular and widely used video/audio/photo editor software available for the personal computers. It has a sophisticated digital techniques and effects. These excellent features come in an ingrained in an instinctive user interphase. The software has distinctive features that make it the best software to use despite the fact that sometimes it tries to side-load unnecessary software. The software is due to launch a upgraded software in mid-September. The anticipated software will have the following features.

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Product Review

PowerDirector 14powerdirect0000

The software is an upgraded version of the PowerDirector 13. The software comes in three editions, which include Ultimate Suite, Ultimate and Deluxe applications. The Ultimate Suite is a comprehensive video editing software that has additional premium effects. The Ultra software is an efficient video editing application, but it does not have the additional features of the Ultra Suite. Deluxe is suitable for home editing needs. The software will be available at a discounted price once the product enter the market in mid-September.

The PhotoDirector 7

The software comes in Suite, Ultra, and Deluxe versions. The Suite contains photo editing and color grading features. It has a PhotoDirector and ColorDirector 3. Moreover, you get a 20GB Cloud. The Ultra version has pro-Quality photo editing and adjustment features. The Deluxe version enables you to edit photos effortlessly and create amazing family photos. This PhotoDirector software is available in the market, but you should get the best offer at because you will have the biggest discount.

Director Suite 4

The Director Suite family is comprehensive because they have every application to suit your needs. The software is an upgrade of the current Director Suite 3, which is due for release in September. The software will have enhanced editing tools to make your video editing a pleasant experience. You can purchase the whole suite, or you can purchase separate components at with discounted price.

AudioDirector 6Colordirect00000

The software will be an upgraded version of the current AudioDirector 5. The software is one component of the Director Suite. The software facilitates extensive editing of audio tracks and it produces professional results. You will find this software where you get an incredible discount.

ColorDirector 4

This is essential split-tone video editing software that allows you to adjust colors on your video. In addition, you can distinguish the highlight and shadows effortlessly. The product will be available in mid-September with amazing price.


The ultimate solution to all your video editing needs is at Director Suite 14. Once the product comes into the market, you can grab this opportunity and get the best offer.  You can buy a complete package or individual components according to your requirements.