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For $39.99 and free shipping, the Quicken Starter Edition 2017 from Intuit can be activated for you. It is packaged with performance updates, new features and support for that definitive user experience.

The Quicken Starter Edition 2017 can run on Mac, Windows, mobile IOS and Android with such efficiency to make it easy for mobile and desktop synchronization.

Features of Quicken Starter Edition 2017

  • Money management is made easy
  • Bank debit and credit card accounts are accessible in one place
  • Budgeting is made easy with categorization of spending
  • The forecast feature gives you an idea of how much to spend
  • Your bills can be linked with the amount and due date triggers
  • Free phone support services and help from the Quicken community, round-the-clock.


  • You can easily track your expenditure
  • Your income and expenses can be downloaded into one place from your bank debit and credit cards
  • Removes the need for manual expenses categorization, which it automates
  • All balances have generated forecasts with indication of how much to spend
  • Your credit score is easily generated and freely, with reports summary
  • Regular monitoring alerts to put a tab on your spending

Customer Reviews

Quicken Starter Edition 2017 comes along with a budgeting suite that can be easily implemented and followed. This feature is widely reviewed by customers who allude to its easy-to-use features. They appreciate the functionalities of Quicken Starter Edition 2017 that recognizes a trend and set budget goals based on spending pattern. This to them, are highly laudable features that anyone will be pleased to use.

John Doe from California talks about the need to keep track of personal financial plan and how painless it is to have Quicken Starter Edition 2017 do that for you. This is addition to the reports on spending and deviation that arise from there.  It is easy to spot upcoming checks, bills payable and other payments that are around the corner, in such a way as to avoid late fees. All this to John, are premium benefits that are offered for the price of a starter version.

Susan Dre loves the easy –to-set custom alerts that gets triggered by large deposits, specific fees and other charges that makes her evaluate her finances and keep all issues well covered. Susan recommends this added service and for her, Quicken Starter Edition 2017 is a personal assistant!

Other Features

Guaranteed Satisfaction

There is a 60-day guarantee that assures you of full refund if you are dissatisfied with Quicken Starter Edition 2017.

TurboTax Prep

Your available Quicken data are easily exported to take care of tax details and preparation.

Set up

The simple setup allows you to run and execute the software fast and easy.

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