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The all-new Quicken 2016 for Mac is out and available to run on mobile platforms using Android 3.0 phones and tablets, iOS 9 iPhone versions and iPod Touch. If you have Mac OS version XV10.10 or newer, you can enjoy this turbo-packed software and have it synced on compatible devices.

The Quicken 2016 for Mac as released by Intuit, sells for $74.99 and at such affordable rate, you have access to the turbo-charged performance features, robust support and a redefined user-experience.

What is new with Quicken 2017 for Mac?

  • Easy to move money between bank accounts
  • Settle your bills out of Quicken
  • A real-time and enhanced phone support from Intuit
  • A turbo-powered Quicken community to answer your questions and provide answers as you log-in to com

Performance Tweaks

  • A single snapshot of your finances with clear views on money flows and areas of possible savings
  • Money management made easy
  • Quick budget features, timely bills and investment management
  • Premium advantage as a 30 years + money management software
  • Eliminating delays on money-making decisions

Customer Reviews for Quicken 2016 for Mac

Brew Allen is ecstatic with the Quicken 2016 for Mac feature that makes it possible for him to eliminate multiple sign-in and input of passwords on different websites to access bank accounts. Now he is able to view all his accounts on a single location and save time.

Brew says being able to stay abreast of bills and spending has given him the edge to spot debit and standing orders along with upcoming payments. He is thus able to avoid penalties and late charges that come with default.

John Ellisloves the ease of transfer between his savings and current bank accounts having installed the simple transaction download feature.

John alludes to the improvement in his expenditure management that have arisen from the use of the automatic functions of Quicken budgeting menu, which has given him the edge to keep abreast of his spending pattern. He talks about the added advantage of reviewing your pattern of expenditure and determining the proprietary or otherwise of effecting a change.

Other users have praised Quicken 2016 for Mac for its investment appraisal and review feature, which makes it easy to determine sell-offs or added put options on a timely basis. They regard it as investment –friendly and as a necessity for those who are always on the go. With its seamless sync on enabled devices, you are able to stay in touch with your portfolio.

Other Premium Benefits

  • Top-Notch Bank-level security
  • A clear 60-day money back clause if unsatisfied
  • Expedited turnaround time on Quicken data to aid tax preparation using the data export feature with no complications
  • No need for safety worries

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