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Quicken Premiere is known to be the software that set the bar for standards and quality when it comes to financial management.  Quicken Premier 2017 contains all the good features of the previous Quicken Premiere but with added functional features.

Quicken Premier 2017 gives you the ability to sync all your financial account so you will never have to log in and off of multiple accounts.  You will now be able to access your credit union, banks and financial investment using only one log-in information. Quicken.com keeps you up to date to your different transactions; you will never have to miss out anything.

Quicken Premier 2017 also lets you create a budgeting system and put a cap on your monthly expenditures.  The system will be able to alert you to make sure that you are not exceeding your budget on groceries, bills and other monthly obligations.


The accessibility of Quicken Premier 2017 is second to none.  Compared to other software that lets you manually enter different transactions, Quicken Premier 2017 directly connects you to different financial institution and lets you integrate your transaction.  This minimizes the chance to commit a mistake since every entering of data is done through a system.  The process of assigning the transaction has a high accuracy.  You can later edit other information based on your preference including description, the group and the type of transaction.

Quicken.com is designed for desktop, so generally you will not be able to access your account in different desktop, which makes your account pretty secured.  But if you are a little worried about keeping up to date with your financial operation, don’t fret as Quicken Premier 2016 is also mobile friendly.  You can now download the application through your device and access your account wherever you go.


The Budgeting dashboard of Quicken.com is top notch.  The ability to create a home financial plan is easy.  The categories on the budget are listed in a systematic way, but you may want to leave the things that you don’t necessarily use like the tolls and parking.  You simply populate your list with categories and add a cap on your expenditures.  The system will immediately update the budget in case that there is a charge to a certain category.  You can also edit the settings on how the system will warn you once you are near the budget cap.  You may receive a warning through the program or through your e-mails.

You may also set goals on your savings account.  You simply create your account on savings, set your goal and the due date.  Always remember that Quicken.com have no control over your bank account.  If you have a savings, Quicken will simply set it aside for the account assigned, and you have to manually transfer the saved money through your bank account.


Quicken Premier 2016 reports give you detailed information about your expenditures and trends including a report about your expenditure against your income.  In the reports dashboard, there are categories listed such as budget, cash flow, and income vs. expenses which makes your financial planning a lot easier.

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