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With the use of Quicken Home & Business 2017, it will be a lot easier to manage personal and business finance. It is a powerful software that is teeming in terms of features that make it one of the most preferred within the product category. Backed with decades of experience, there is no wonder why a lot of people are heading to quicken.com to take advantage of the newest version of the program. As usual, it addresses issues that have been raised in the previous versions, and it promises a better experience for its users.

New Features

Among others, the most significant among the new features of Quicken Home & Business 2016 is the ability to see, monitor, and settle payments for all your bills in just a single place. This is going to make things a lot easier for you because of the automation that can be provided by the program. You do not need to have multiple accounts to manage multiple bills. In addition, you will also be provided with a clear picture of where you stand against your cash flow. With Quicken Home & Business 2016, missing payments for bills is a thing of the past.

The new version of the program also offers free phone support, which will make it easy to get in touch with the support representatives when assistance is needed. More so, the company also made it easier for upgrades to be executed, making it effortless to always have its latest version.


When it comes to performance, similar to its past versions, Quicken Home & Business 2016 does not fail to deliver positive impressions. It is user-friendly and performing upgrades can be done in a snap. It will also allow you to create customized templates for different functions, such as for debt reduction and retirement plan. Its mobile application is also an excellent thing as it will allow you to access relevant information on the go.


If you go online and search for reviews about Quicken Home & Business 2016, you can see a lot of positive feedbacks, with many of such highlighting how intuitive it is. Aside from ease of use, a lot have also noted how it is excellent because it provides an easy way to manage bills in one place. The 60-day money-back guarantee is one more thing that has been lauded, providing you with a risk-free purchase. In addition, many users were also happy with regards to the superior customer service that is provided by the company. More than anything else, positive reviews were centered on how it is a feature-rich program that can help in managing personal and business finance.

To know more about Quicken Home & Business 2016, check out quicken.com and see why it has been a favored choice in the market.

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