McAfee LiveSafe 2017 Review & Coupon Codes

Secure Your Digital Devices with the Best Guard against Viruses and Online Threats, The McAfee brand has always been synonymous to safety on your computer. Since its founding in 1987, McAfee has become the most trusted anti-virus software that serves as a guard against viruses and online threats of millions of individuals all over the world. With plenty of innovation and improvement, you can now expect even better protection and reliability with the McAfee LiveSafe 2017. This software does not only protect your computer and laptop but can also block viruses and online threats across all your digital devices such as your tablets and mobile phones.

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Features of the McAfee LiveSafe 2017

You only need one subscription of the McAfee Live Safe to protect all your PCs, laptops, Mac computers, smartphones including Androids and iOS, as well as your tablets from virus online threats and viruses that you may encounter daily. With years of expertise in blocking viruses, you can be rest assured that McAfee Live Safe will be effective in keeping you secure and private as well as provide you with an efficient guard against viruses and online threats. Among other features of this anti-virus software is the Virus and Threat Protection that provides security to your data and identity with the use of a next-generation scanning engine, two-way firewall, and a real-time anti-malware. You will also get Mobile Security to provide data backup, location and wipe features that protect your iOS and Android devices not only from threats and viruses but also from theft. If you are having trouble with passwords and usernames all the time, you will definitely appreciate the McAfee Live Safe Password Manager Feature. Furthermore, this guard against viruses and online threats will also provide you with a Secure Cloud Storage via McAfee Personal Locker where you can store private and sensitive documents in the cloud and may only be accessed via face and voice authentication.

Pros and Cons of the McAfee LiveSafe 2017

The advantages of having a guard against viruses and online threats are pretty obvious as all the features it promises are very impressive. With the McAfee Live Safe though, you can trust that this reliable name will give you the utmost protection that’s reliable even with the worst kinds of viruses and expert hackers. However, it is good to note that while the McAfee Live Safe offers you the guard against viruses and online threats that’s supposedly unlimited to be used across all your devices, you are still given limitations to ensure that you will be using it reasonably and according to its purpose. If you intend to use the McAfee Live Safe for your business, it would be best to get a business account because this one is most recommended for households with few family members and only several computers and digital devices.

Conclusion and Summary

If you are looking for a reliable guard against viruses and online threats for your computer, there’s no doubt you should choose the McAfee Live Safe 2017. This new version will definitely be your best choice not only because of the brand’s commitment but also because of its affordability. It is good to note that while others would provide a maximum of 2 or 3 devices with a purchase of software, you can be rest assured that you can use this anti-virus software for more than that. If you have a family who’s into tablets and computers and smartphones, this should be the best and most cost-effective choice for you.

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