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Let your ideas and your technology keep up by recording information.  You can upgrade how you think and dictate with Nuance.  This speech recognition software is designed to assist you in writing your thoughts and information on a computer, simply by speaking.  With the Nuance Dragon Professional Individual, you will have congruent notes about your latest innovations and ideas recorded for you.Dragon--Pro-Individual

What Is Nuance?

Nuance is the latest and most up to date technology for speech recognition.  It is designed to provide 99% accuracy in speech recognition.  It offers reliability with your personalized voice experience, specifically with upgrades in the technology offered.  Many approaches to voice recognition don’t allow you to spell out or define specific concepts.  They jumble words together and cause problems with the recording.  Nuance is designed to provide personal changes with your voice allowing you to have the correct information, proper spelling and better grammar while you are speaking.  This is designed to provide you with higher accuracy and faster results for voice recognition.

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Updates and New Features Review 

The concept that is offered with the Dragon Professional Individual is designed to provide a combination of speed and accuracy to voice recognition.  It has the ability to stop spelling errors that often occurs, specifically by recognizing your voice and creating personal interactions with how you speak.  You won’t have to make corrections with Nuance in comparison to other forms of software.  The new technology also works with Smart Format rules, providing you with text that appears in the same way that you speak.  Instead of having run on sentences, grammar misplacement or problems with words that are connected, it automatically understands and changes the technology according to personal needs.  You will instantly be able to see what you are dictating on a screen and allows you to have updated dictation from the review.

Pros and Cons of Dragon Professional Individual

Unlike many other forms of voice recognition software, the Dragon Professional Individual is designed to immediately understand and correct your speech.  It is able to identify misspellings, grammar and other associations with your speaking.  It is also known as one of the leading software applications for voice recognition.  The quickness, as well as the ability to identify spelling and grammar, makes it easier to dictate and create a link to your thoughts with the recording created.  While the Nuance is noted to offer a complete upgrade through speech recognition, there are specific elements that are being upgraded.  The software requires some input from you if there are industry related terms and specialized words that you are working with.  Some small changes with the technology will enhance the software more.


Allow your thoughts to flow freely without having to write or type information.  With the Nuance Dragon Professional Individual, you will easily be able to speak your mind while having the support of dictation.  The technology that has been introduced is designed to provide you with fast and responsive approaches to voice recognition, allowing typed recordings to become simple through the power of technology.

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